Teckwood on Tour

A couple of weeks ago two members of the Teckwood team made their way to Heathrow Airport with visas and passports in hand ready to travel on an Emirates A380 to Shanghai via Dubai to visit their extrusion facility, to look at new product development and technological advancements in production.


The journey was very relaxing (except for the spilt red wine) as they took advantage of Emi... Read More

New Maltese Distributor

Leggendavera, a multi discipline creative projects provider based in Santa Vanera, Malta, is now a distributor of Teckwood’s wood plastic composite Cladding, Decking and Flooring.

“Joining forces with Leggendavera ensures that our shared customers will receive excellent guidance on maximizing the effective use of composites in construction” said Steve Barrow, Teckwood’s Managing Director. “The range of knowledge offered by the team at Leggendavera provide... Read More

Composite decking - building regulations (2)

What building regulations do I have to comply with when constructing a composite decking? (Part 2)

The key points for constructing steps are that the riser plus the going (2R+G) should be between 550 and 700mm.

Handrails should be provided to at least one side if the stairs are less than 1 metre wide. For stairs wider ... Read More

Composite decking - building regulations (1)

What building regulations do I have to comply with when constructing a composite decking? (Part 1)

Before carrying out any construction work Teckwood recommend that you speak to your local building officer to clarify what rules and regulations need to be adhered to. This also includes your composite decking.

It may feel a little daunting before the first hole is dug but there are a few things that need to be taken into account. Thankfully, unlike many other aspects of construc... Read More

The benefits of composite cladding

Why not consider wood plastic composite cladding where you might have previously chosen traditional timber? Wood will never lose its instinctive appeal as a building material, we appreciate its natural characteristics and we’ve built with it and used it to decorate our buildings for many thousands of years.

For architects and builders there are numerous drawback... Read More

Your best flooring solution

What is Luxury vinyl composite flooring?

Luxury vinyl composite flooring is the next generation of luxury vinyl tile which locks together. This flooring features all the benefits of regular LUXURY VINYL COMPOSITE FLOORING – durability, warmth, fire resistance, sound reducing and water resistance – with the added benefit of a quick and easy installation. In this article we’ll answer all of the most popular questions about Luxury vinyl composite flooring so you can kno... Read More

Natural terrace

Did you know that the word terrace comes from the Latin word for “earth”, meaning a structure that is built or raised up from the earth. Over the years, terraces have undergone significant transformations, with the term becoming synonymous with any type of structure that links the outdoors with the space within. Today, terraces are often found in gardens, particularly in sloped or hilly terrain, as well as on rooftops and in place of ordinary patios. Teckwood’s composite woo... Read More

Garden decking - so versatile

Are you looking to jazz up your garden before winter descends? Considering composite decking?

Composite decking is a versatile landscaping feature and can provide much more options than a patio. It is made from recycled eco friendly products and can be made to blend in perfectly with the rest of your garden.

Low maintenance decking can be laid at different levels to add int... Read More

A composite clad park home

When Tingdene Homes, one of the leading manufacturers in the UK of quality bespoke mobile homes, park homes and modular housing, looked to develop it's range of Kudos residential park homes they turned to our technical team at Teckwood. Sustainable, low maintenance and fire resistant cladding was at the top of it's wishlist and we at Teckwood assisted in the ... Read More

New trends in architecture and construction

Architecture and commercial construction has always changed over the years and now more rapidly than ever. New technologies have brought in revolutionary new materials as well as new designs and layouts which are becoming ever more popular. The way we think about designing our buildings is always evolving.

In recent years open plan living has become popular and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. In fact, research has shown that this trend will be further integrated into th... Read More