Are you considering wood or the revolutionary composite decking?

Are you considering building a new outdoor decking area and cannot decide between wood and the revolutionary composite decking? You have heard all the reasons why not to use timber. “You have to constantly maintain it” and “it is very slippy when wet and in the winter”. Do you want something better? Revolutionary technology offers you the best decking solution. Composite decking, a mixture ... Read More

How does composite work?

Teckwood’s wood plastic composite cladding and decking has increased in popularity in recent years, but how does it compare to traditional timber cladding and decking?

Introduced as a viable alternative to timber, composite cladding and decking can help to reduce or even eliminate the typical maintenance issues associated with traditional timber.

Expertly extruded from a mixture of recycled plastics and FSC c... Read More

Most popular composite cladding finish for your home

Teckwood’s wood plastic composite cladding is one of the most popular finishes in self-build projects at the moment. The European Class B fire rated claddings sleek sections compliment the exterior envelope of the building adding a soft natural touch that completely transforms the building. It is amazing how composite cladding changes the exterior so dramatically. Turning an otherwise cold structure into a warm and inviting contemporary building that looks and feels like home.

<... Read More

Summer is coming - Time to choose your Teckwood decking.

Is British summertime happening? Despite having only just changed the clocks onto British summertime and with the cricket season due to start it should not stop you from planning your dream outdoor space for when the sun does decide to grace us with it presence!

Whatever the size of your space, there’s a Teckwood wood plastic Read More

Wood Plastic Composite Materials vs. Timber


Composite wood plastic

Wood Plastic Composite comes in various formsof Cladding, Decking and Flooring and tends to be comprised of a HDPE recycled plastic and FSC® Certified timber compound. Composite Cladding, Decking and Flooring comes in a range of colours to suit all tastes.

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Expansion of Timber v Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

We look at how and why timber and wood plastic composites alternatives expand and contract.

Typical honeycomb construction of timber


Movement is the expansion and contraction of wood with changes in its moisture content. Movement along the grain is negligible, i.e along the length, as is the movement ... Read More

Composite decking v/s Wooden decking- which one?

Teckwood- The Decking experts

Teckwood- The Decking experts

Being a company that specializes in Decking schemes, we at Teckwood are more often than not asked about which is the wiser choice- composite or wooden decking and why? Provided we master in composite decking schemes, naturally we prefer the same but we believe it to be the effective choice specially w... Read More

Ways To Redesign Your Deck

Deck to impress with Teckwood

Way to redesign your deck

At Teckwood, we provide optimum choice for choosing the decking structures and materials that would last very long and ask for zero maintenance. Our decking material comprises of wood look-alike stuff, only that it isn't wood! The eco-friendly materials constitute of anti-fire and anti-slip properties tha... Read More

Save The Earth, Go Eco-Friendly!

Earth needs our help

Save earth

It is common and everybody knows it- the Earth is crashing and we need to help it! We're all aware of the simple day-to-day tactics: Turn off lights when you leave the room, don’t keep the TV on standby when not in use, shower instead of bathing, turn off the tap while brushing and much more. While it's on our daily routin... Read More

Floating decks- A Garden's Glory

For all the nature lovers

For the all nature lovers

Some people love gardening and to them, their garden is their temple. They nurture, nourish and beautify the space in all sorts of ways and they are well aware of every know-how of garden deco. And why just them! I'd suppose all of us love to leisure around in a beautiful garden, sip coffee in the peaceful mo... Read More