Natural terrace

Did you know that the word terrace comes from the Latin word for “earth”, meaning a structure that is built or raised up from the earth. Over the years, terraces have undergone significant transformations, with the term becoming synonymous with any type of structure that links the outdoors with the space within. Today, terraces are often found in gardens, particularly in sloped or hilly terrain, as well as on rooftops and in place of ordinary patios. Teckwood’s composite woo... Read More

Garden decking - so versatile

Are you looking to jazz up your garden before winter descends? Considering composite decking?

Composite decking is a versatile landscaping feature and can provide much more options than a patio. It is made from recycled eco friendly products and can be made to blend in perfectly with the rest of your garden.

Low maintenance decking can be laid at different levels to add int... Read More

The Natural Beauty of Composite Decking

Why would any homeowner consider installing wood plastic composite decking over wood? The standard answer could be, “I am fed up maintaining my wooden decking” or even “it is falling apart; we cannot even use it anymore.” Who wants to maintain a decking? I want something better!

Teckwood’s composite decking lasts longer and is easier to own than traditional wood, it captures all the warmth and beauty of natural wood, from the textures and colour... Read More

The green alternative

The now well established idea of the back garden patio conjures up images of idyllic afternoons napping in a hammock or festive get-togethers around the BBQ with ice cold beer. But maintaining that elevated expanse of timber is a one of life’s chores. All the scrubbing, bleaching, sanding and staining that wood requires, not to mention the occasional replacement of a splintered, warped, or rotten board.

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The benefits of composite decking

Sitting on my parents decking watching the sun go down is one of my favourite memories of summer, but I also have my fair share of bad memories. Their decking is quite traditional and made of wood and I remember spending an entire weekend using a jet wash to clean the decking and the following weekend sanding it down (not too many splinters) and treating it with sealant.

If, like me, you are looking for a low maintenance deck so you can enjoy those sunsets in peace... Read More

Gardeners World Live

It’s that time of year again where we all head up to the NEC for Gardeners World Live but before going spare a thought for the planters and plants on your composite decking.

Are the plants pot bound? Are they difficult to move? Is it the right pot?

The main concern is “Is it big enough”? The simple answer is the bigger the better, it allows the pot to retain more moisture and the better your plants have of surviving.

If you see a planter that you like... Read More

Step with Confidence

Any decking offering two distinct finishes appeals to a larger market. There wasn’t a dual-sided anti slip composite decking on the market available to developers and end-users but now YES

Teckwood, has a sound reputation and a deep understanding of the industry which has led us to create what we think is a world first. A wood plastic composite (WPC) decking board that is not only dual sided but BOTH sides are anti slip certified.

The goal for our research and developmen... Read More

National Weed Your Garden Day

Weeds grow fast, very fast. If you stay on top of the weeding in your garden for 5 to 10 minutes per day it will make the job seem a little more bearable. Young weeds are easily dealt with but what about those areas that are not so easy to get too? For example, under your beautiful decked area.

Leaving the area below your deck uncovered can allow weeds and other plants to sprout, eventually leading to weeds pushing up between your deck boards making the area look unsightly and creatin... Read More

Midsummer Motor Home Show

If, like me, you spend a lot of time with your motor home in a single location, it could be a good idea to increase your comfort and living space by adding a composite decked area to your motor home. This will add a level area to your campsite where you can grill and eat in comfort, just like at home. With a little planning it can easily be accomplished in one day.

Think about what you are looking to achieve whilst looking for inspiration at the Midsummer Motor Home Show in Stoneleigh... Read More

St Margaret's Primary School wetland project

The mission of St Margaret’s Primary School is centred on providing the best education possible for its children. The original idea for a wetlands area was to add another learning environment for the pupils to link in with the science curriculum and to make the most of the grounds within the school premises.


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