They've done it again. Teckwood have, after substantial research and development, come up with a solution for getting rid of those small furniture scratches that inevitably happen when dragging metal legged furniture across decking.

Teckwood’s Filler Sticks are perfect for scratches, gouges, damages and other minor imperfections in composite decking. They come in carefully selected colour tones , can be used without heat and do not expand and fall out in hot weather.

How does it work?

Gently rub the Teckwood Filler Sticks across scratched area forcing wax into the scratch.

Remove any excess wax that has been left behind.

After filling the defect with the wax filler, rub lightly buffing with a soft cloth or you can even use your thumb.

Please note, it is advisable to test your wax stick on a small hidden area to make sure you have the right colour match.

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  • 14 September 2017