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Account Application Form

    Section 1 - Business Identification

    We aim to process all applications promptly. Applications that are incorrect or incomplete will be delayed, so please read these guidelines carefully before completing the application. Please read the Data Protection Notice. Please read, sign and retain a copy of the Terms & Conditions of Business.

    Section 2 - Details or Company Directors, Partners, Trustees

    Section 3 - Bank Details

    Please provide your main bank account details

    Section 4 - Trade References

    Section 5 - Declaration

    Each signatory below, as an authorised representative of the applicant Customer, hereby applies for a Trade Credit Account and agrees, on behalf of the Customer, to pay the Account by the last working day of each month following the month of delivery in accordance with Teckwood Limited conditions of sale .By signing below, each signatory confirms that they have read and accept Teckwood’s Conditions on behalf of the Customer and acknowledge and agree that the Conditions (as modified, amended or updated by Teckwood from time to time) shall apply to the Account and to all sales of Teckwood goods or services. By signing below, each signatory also agrees to personally guarantee the performance of all contracts with Teckwood by the Customer, including any financial obligations arising from any changes in the credit limit of the Account made by Teckwood from time to time. In the event of failure or default, or non-compliance with the Conditions or the terms of any contract, Teckwood has the right to proceed against the signatory personally. Should be signed by a director(s), partner(s), company secretary or proprietor of the business.

    We will make a search with a Credit Reference Agency, which will keep a record of that search and will share that information with us and other businesses. In some instances we may also make a search on the personal credit file of principal directors. We may also pass or share your information with carefully selected third parties for the purposes of account opening, credit vetting and account management. Should it become necessary to review an account then again, a credit reference may be sought and a record kept. We will monitor and record information relating to your trade performance and such records will be available to Credit Reference Agencies who will share that information with other businesses when assessing applications for credit and fraud prevention. For the purposes of credit referencing we may also share information with other businesses. By submitting information on this form, you confirm that you have the consent of all relevant individuals to the processing of their personal data for the purposes stated, including but not limited to partners, directors and other householders whose details may be obtained as a result of checks against the addresses you provide