Teckwood's Aluminium Decking - Metal Decking

The ultimate non combustible A2 fire rated aluminium decking that is suitable for all balconies and terraces with a steel beam or an aluminium supporting system.

The beautifully engineered boards made from T6 aluminium make them an easy choice for new builds or refurbishment projects that need to comply with the latest fire safety regulations. The Proactive 22 is a low profile board designed to be installed without the use of clips ensures a very cost effective and easy installation that saves on time and labour costs. Its design allows water runoff to be channelled into the building’s rainwater collection system. Aesthetically pleasing the A2 fire rated aluminium decking is your premier choice for non combustible decking.


At Teckwood we place great importance on our distributors and work on creating a close relationship with them. Our distribution strategy focuses on warehouse, on tim. which translates to profitable working partnership for both parties.