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Teckwood your solutions provider have come up with yet another industry first. Working closely in conjunction with Astec, the market leaders in infrared radiant heating systems, we have developed a luxury vinyl composite flooring system that transmits the radiant heat almost like a radiator.

The Astec therm heating mats can easily be fitted under Teckwood’s vinyl flooring and once installed, they are fully concealed within the building fabric of the building.

Using a thermal imaging camera we can clearly see how the radiant heat is transmitted through the composite vinyl flooring providing you with a warm to touch cosy living space after just a few short minutes.

The low running costs along with the minimal maintenance costs make it an ideal fit in areas where we need to protect the vulnerable, in health and social care centres, nurseries, schools, in fact just about anywhere people are at risk burning from high surface temperatures such as are found on traditional central heating radiators.

Yet another industry first from Teckwood, in conjunction with Astec

For more information or to place an order please contact our sales team on 0800 799 9082.

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