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Anti Slip Composite Decking

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Teckwood have years of experience in the design, development and distribution of anti slip decking solutions to prevent you or your visitors from slipping in the wet. The grooved or smooth (WPC) wood plastic composite decking is the perfect solution for commercial premises, public spaces, around swimming pools, gardens and many, many other locations.

Anti slip Decking you can enjoy with confidence

A major concern when using traditional timber decking is that in the wrong weather it can end up being a safety hazard and may become unsafe to use and enjoy. Timber unlike composite decking is prone to algae and fungal growths that can make the surface even more slippery. In contrast Teckwood’s composite decking is manufactured using the latest techniques and additives to  provide a genuine anti slip decking.

Independently tested Anti Slip Composite Decking

When it comes to complying to safety regulations Teckwood’s anti slip decking is subject to a British Standard (BS 7976: Parts 1-3, 2002) and has achieved the best slip-resistance ratings (EN 15534-1:2014,Section 6.4.2,  CEN/TS 15676:2007 and EN 15534-4: 2014, Section 4.4) adhering to the British Standard Institute’s and the Health and Safety Executive anti slip guidelines for decking. It is impossible to make an entirely anti-slip decking but Teckwood’s slip-resistant deck boards are much safer to use and provide a surface that you can be confident of walking on.

Why does Teckwood’s Anti Slip Decking meet the United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive slip-resistance guidelines?

Samples of the composite decking were randomly chosen and sent to an independent testing laboratory where they were subject to testing using the pendulum test. This test can also be replicated in real workplace conditions. It allows you easily compare the difference between clean and contaminated or wet floors.

What is the Pendulum Test?

Pendulum Test anti-slip composite decking

The Pendulum test measures dynamic CoF (how people walk). Different sliders can be used during the test to measure shod (96) and barefoot (55) conditions. For example the test can be designed to replicate a pedestrian heel strike, the point at which most slips occur. When a pedestrian heel strikes a wet floor a fluid film is created between them, this can cause a slip. This test works in wet conditions because it generates a similar fluid film between the slider and the floor.

The pendulum test is operated by a swinging arm that sweeps over the decking area. At the end of the arm is a rubber slider, which strikes and passes along the floor over a predetermined distance. If the arm is released without touching the floor, it swings from horizontal to horizontal (no friction). Once it strikes the floor, friction decelerates the arm and therefore it swings less far.

This is Health and Safety Executives preferred method of testing because it is accurate, portable and works in the conditions that slip accidents happen.

Understanding Pendulum Data

When comparing performance of anti slip figures the table below provided by the Health and Safety Executive offers clear simple guidelines for you to follow.Anti Slip composite decking data

This table relates to pedestrians walking in a straight line on a level surface. For other activities or inclined surfaces, the table figures will change. On completing the Pendulum test Teckwood’s composite decking achieved a Slip Resistance Value (SRV) of 36. Any flooring product that achieves a SRV of 36 or above can be classified as an anti slip product.

The slider referred to in the test data is also important. There are two sliders commonly used, one for shod pedestrians No 96 one for barefoot pedestrians No 55. You need to make sure the right slider has been used.

You may also see an R rating which is used to describe the slip rating of a tiled floor. The chart below offers a comparison between an R rating and a PTV test.


R Rating Wet PTV range Slip potential range Accident risk exposure range
R9 11 to 18 High 1 in 2
R10 18 to 34 High to Moderate 1 in 2 to 1 in 100,000
R11 34 to 51 Moderate to Low 1 in 100,000 to significantly less than 1 in 1,000,000

Safety First – Teckwood’s Commitment to Anti Slip Decking

Teckwood’s commitment to safety is second to none but what is really great is that Teckwood’s anti slip decking requires only the minimum of maintenance to keep it looking smart and pristine, just a simple but thorough jet wash a couple of times a year. For a complete high performance anti slip composite decking system that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike call our friendly sales hotline on 0800 799 9082.

Slip-resistant composite decking layout

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