Best Composite Decking

Best Composite Decking

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Durability is the key

Any good garden decking should be able to stand up to the harshest of nature’s elements but sadly, traditional softwood decking has the tendency to warp, split and weather when it’s been outside for a relatively short period of time. Teckwood’s wood plastic composite deck boards have no such weathering issues. Their sturdy, hard-wearing construction is designed to handle even the most adverse weather conditions. Of course, our decking would not be the best if it wasn’t extremely warp-resistant and robust, the coldest of weather here in the UK cannot even crack your deck.

Price is always an issue

The secret is out, wood plastic composite decking is slightly more expensive than traditional decking products, but what would it cost to replace a traditional timber deck when it fails after just a few short years? Buying our boards may mean a little higher initial outlay but consider that they never need replacing, this is a one off purchase with no future costs.

Easy installation

There are no difficult fiddly fixings when installation a Teckwood decking. The concealed stainless steel fixings clip the decking boards together giving you a finished surface that will not crack or splinter.

Minimum maintenance

The first thing you will notice about a Teckwood deck is that it needs the minimum of maintenance, just an occasional jet wash or brush will keep it looking beautiful. Your boards will never need staining or sealing leaving you to enjoy those long summer days.

No matter what the weather throws at us your Teckwood dual sided anti slip decking boards perform admirably, greatly reducing the risk of a fall and don’t forget it’s barefoot friendly too for you, your family and your pets.

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