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Compare our Composite Cladding Variations

Compare our composite cladding types. The composite cladding types that we currently offer are: Perennial and Colonial cladding. Have a look at our Perennial composite cladding visualizer to see how our products will look on your house.

Perennial Colonial
Clipless fixing
Class B Fire Rated
Co Extruded
UV Stable UV Stable amount UV Stable amount
Moisture resistance Moisture resistance amount Moisture resistance amount
Stain resistance Stain resistance amount Stain resistance amount
Low Maintenance Low Maintenance amount Low Maintenance amount
Eco Friendly Eco friendly amount Eco friendly amount
25 year domestic guarantee Warranty 25 y Warranty 25 y
15 year commercial guarantee Warranty 25 y Warranty 15 y
Available colours Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color 5 Color 1 Color 2

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