The maximum span between posts centres is 1800mm.

To work out your requirements divide the running length (straight run without breaks, if you have more breaks again measure then length) of your balustrade by 1800mm to work out the amount of kits you will need. (You will need a starter end kit for each run and then followed by additional kits).

For example if the overall length of your fencing is 10m you would divide 10m by 1.8m = 6 (rounded up) kits. This would be broken down as follows

1: No - Starter end kit

5: No - Additionalkit– These are available in the following heights

  • 880mm (3 foot)
  • 1195mm (4 foot)
  • 1510mm (5 foot)
  • 1825mm (6 foot)

Please note that in certain circumstances the rule of thumb shown above may not apply. We recommend that you call our estimating team for assistance on 0800 799 9082 and forward a drawing to assist.

Tip - It may be a good idea to add between 5 and 10% extra materials on your project to allow for waste and/or measurement errors.