Teckwood acknowledges that no product can be considered to be completely safe. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that employee exposure to health risks is prevented.

Teckwood undertakes to control exposure by any means reasonably practicable. Where exposure cannot be adequately controlled all appropriate employees will be issued with personal protective equipment free of charge after consultation.

All employees will be provided with comprehensive information and instruction on the nature and likelihood of their exposure of products hazardous to health.

The implementation of this policy requires total co-operation of all employees.

Information and Training

Teckwood will provide information and training to ensure full understanding of the health hazards posed in the workplace and the importance of the control measures provided. Information will also be provided to others who may be affected, such as temporary staff and visitors.


Steps to be taken to minimise exposure.

  1. Identify the hazard
  2. Assess the risk
  3. Eliminate or prevent the risk
  4. Maintain and monitor the controls
  5. Monitor the health of the workforce
  6. Ensure assessments and controls are up to date

When using control measures and/or personal protective equipment it is necessary to meet certain requirements of the COSHH regulations.

  1. Employers must take all reasonable steps to ensure that employees are using the correct measures and the personal protective equipment (PPE) provided.
  2. Employers must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the control system or PPE are being maintained and are working efficiently. This includes keeping suitable maintenance records.
  3. The PPE is suitable for the purpose for which it is provided.
  4. The PPE must comply with any design standards laid down.
  5. Employees have a duty to make full and proper use of any control methods and the PPE provided.

Teckwood Safety Instructions

When handling and processing Teckwood wood plastic composite (WPC) products always wear gloves and eye protection and work in a well ventilated area.

Always wash your hands after handling Teckwood’s wood plastic composite (WPC) products and especially before smoking or eating.

Wear eye protection when pressure washing of scrubbing Teckwood’s wood plastic composite
(WPC) cladding, decking and internal flooring.

Keep children and animals away from the work area until the job has been completed, any hazards have been removed and the area cleaned.

When cutting, planing or sanding Teckwood’s wood plastic composite (WPC) cladding, decking and internal flooring be aware that the creation of dust and noise will occur. We recommend that all operatives carrying out these tasks wear suitable PPE including gloves, dust masks, eye protection and ear defenders.