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Could Outdoor Living Space Become the New Indoors?

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It has been tradition to think of the home and garden as two separate entities with a strict boundary between them. For a moderate cost you can successfully blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor living spaces. It used to be something that only the few could dream of but as prices become more affordable the trend to outdoors living is the new indoors.

Consider dedicating a bigger budget to improvements or you could put up a home-stretching garden structure, or take down a wall and use glazing to improve the feeling of space and make your garden access far better. Even extensions that take up some part of the garden can end up making both outdoors and indoors seem larger.

When you get the design right, you are more likely to spend those long summer days and evenings with the doors open, enjoying lots of daylight and fresh air. Pulling off this clever trick does not have to mean a huge spend, either.

Consider these key points when considering linking the outdoor living space to the indoors.

Colourful Finishes and Fabrics

To effectively blur the boundary between the outdoor living space and indoors look to incorporate finishes that are usually regarded as indoor finishes. If have had an exposed brick wall in your dining area it could easily link to the walls of your home or vice versa. You could also look to paint garden walls or fences in colours often used inside.

Colourful fabrics seem to lend themselves naturally to your outdoor living space, try adding splashes of bright red or orange to a decked area, you could also add flashes featuring pink, lime green, and lemon yellow or go for the new black.


A continuous finished floor that extends from indoors to the outdoors will draw the eye. Please remember that anything used outside must be suitable for use in all weathers.

It would need to be extra slip-resistance so that it is not a hazard when wet. Flush thresholds are essential to ensure that you have nothing to step over and to stop any water ingress.

Seamless furniture design

Composite Decking

A well designed decked area can easily provide that perfect space for eating, entertaining and chilling out. Teckwood’s composite decking makes your decking an extension of your indoor space, bringing the outdoor living space indoors.

If you have the space why not design a multi-level decked area with designated spaces for cooking, eating, and relaxing. You could even be creative and add angles to provide solutions for those challenging spaces. To keep the transition from outdoors to indoors as smooth and seamless as possible, Teckwood’s hidden fastener system secures to the sides of the pre-grooved composite decking boards to secure the decking.

You will not see any screws or nails, so the decking is smooth and bare foot friendly. It is another smart idea from Teckwood. Do not spend your valuable weekends sanding or treating your traditional timber decking, instead install a low maintenance decking from Teckwood.

Outdoor composite decking

Hot Tub

By adding a hot tub you can appreciate beautiful sunsets, starry nights, falling snow, changing leaves, and much more.

It can be a private garden retreat steps away from your outdoors. Surrounded by nature, you can take in the beauty we often take for granted. A hot tub can also add benefits to your health and well being by reducing stress. Regular hot tub use can also reduce tension, ease pressure in joints and muscles while increasing blood flow to accelerate the healing process.

Hot tub jets provide therapeutic massage, stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller. The benefits can also include reduced arthritic pain, reduced blood sugar levels, lowered blood pressure and help sleep disorders.

Jacuzzi decking options

Concealed Lighting

Once the sun has dipped behind the horizon do not let your garden disappear. A good lighting scheme sets the mood and will help you appreciate the outdoor space until you are ready to go to bed. Just like the indoors your outdoor lighting scheme will play a key role in setting the perfect ambience and should be made up of layers. You could light up the paths and add up or down lighters to walls.

Architectural plants such as palms could be made a feature, for atmosphere you could consider adding fairy lights from a pergola or a tree. Exterior table lamps could make those tables cosy and intimate.

Arrange your lighting strategically to ensure that wherever you are sat, outdoors or indoors the lighting creates the perfect ambience.

Garden decking lights

Outdoor Kitchen

If you are a keen cook and you want to entertain why not move your party outdoors and create a space that’s perfect for cooking and entertaining. An outdoor kitchen will transform your garden and embracing cooking alfresco is a trend slowly making its way across the UK.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to outdoor cooking, not only are barbecues available everywhere you look, so are pizza ovens along with external cabinets, worktops, and sinks.

You can be as elaborate or modest as your budget. From building one yourself to buying an off-the-peg design or paying a professional company to install high-end appliances, an outdoor kitchen can really bring the outdoor living space indoors.

Outdoor kitchen for decking

Introduce More Glazing

If the aim is to bring the outdoors indoors glass should be designed into your existing home or extension. The glazed elements of your home can create an unexpected view of a garden feature or landscape. But before adding extensions or roof lights it is always worth while checking your circumstances with local planners.

Bi-Fold doors are a popular choice for creating a seamless outdoor indoor link as they are available in many finishes and colours, however folding frames or glass curtains if the budget allows will let more light and garden into your home.

You may be able to add roof lights to an existing space and they can be designed into an extension.

Outdoor glazing for decking


When taking the indoors outdoors consider taking the living room into the garden to make your home feel bigger all summer. Furnishing the outdoor living space as you would the indoors makes it feel like one room. Specially made outdoor lounge seating will stand up to what the weather and garden life can throw at it. You may even want to use a corner sofa that will zone the living area. You could also use it to create sociable groupings with sofas and chairs facing or at a right angles.

A popular trend when creating outdoor functional spaces that cross seamlessly between the outdoors and indoors is to use day beds and lounge chairs.  Not only would they look aesthetically pleasing it is a way to increase the perceived space of your home. The introduction of a garden table or side tables for drinks may add a pattern and can give the seating area a decorative twist.

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Surround Yourself with Plants

Plants make people feel better, and are great for calming our bodies natural responses to stress, they improve the air quality and generally improve our health and well being and in our opinion you can never have too many of them.

It does not come as a surprise to anyone but adding greenery where the house meets the garden is a clever way to merge the outdoor living space to the indoors for a space-stretching impression. If you want to take this approach from the inside, position plants by the window. Sizeable plants such as palms or spiked leaves can work a treat but think about the shape and density of foliage to maintain views and keep light coming in.

When looking at the outside bring the plants in the garden or on the terrace as close to the house as possible to make the two spaces feel like one. Consider building raised beds up to window height so plants are at eye level when you are seated. Maybe look at choosing tall planters. Potted plants on the composite decking add a sweet aromatic scent and the colours could be amazing.

Outdoor decking plants

Patio Heaters

The British weather is notoriously unstable, at the end of a sunny summer day barbecuing and lounging the garden can quickly turn into an evening huddled in a pile of blankets. Living outdoors should not mean should rushing inside for the warm comfort of your living room.

A patio heater will ensure you can enjoy a night outdoors while remaining cosy and comfortable. It is the best way of warming your patio and garden when temperatures fall  making sure you can enjoy the whole night with your friends and family, no matter whether the temperature is with you or not.

You can create the perfect outdoor living space on a chilly evening by using Infra Red Patio Heaters, Log burners, Pellet burners, Chimeneas or a stunning ultra stylish contemporary gas patio heater. Stay outside regardless of the weather.

Patio burner decking idea

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