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Deck Tape

Walther Strong Deck Tape® by Teckwood is a non-butyl self-sealing tape manufactured from a massively strong polymer acrylic adhesive, which gives a completely waterproof and weatherproof seal. With a permanent adhesive bond for 50 years and a 25-year guarantee, this greatly adds to the life of your deck frame. Suitable to be used with both traditional timber decking and also the more advanced composite decking, Deck Tape® will protect any timber decking substructure. When using a composite deck board, more of the moisture will be absorbed into the substructure as it will drain off the deck boards. Higher amounts of moisture will mean that the frame will rot faster if not sealed properly.

Deck tape

Benefits of using deck tape

  • Watertight
  • Air and smoke tight
  • Easy release
  • Stickiness
  • UV stable
  • Self-sealing

Non-Butyl deck tapes are particularly suitable for sealing any type of timber substructure as they are completely UV stable and keep their integrity for longer. Deck tape® is stable from -40C to +93C with no cracking, peeling or strength loss.

Where can it be used?

Joist Protection

Simply applying a strip of Deck Tape ®along the top of the joists as a ‘cap’ (rather than a wrap) protects the timber as it creates a strong seal from any moisture. This prevents any moisture sitting on these flat surfaces and slowly rotting away the timber. Deck Tape® can be applied to joists in advance to the deck boards being fitted – It doesn’t deteriorate or affect the benefits and qualities that the tape brings to the deck.

Joist Hanger Protection

Traditionally the coating on the metal would have slowly corroded away the metal and brought weakness in. However, by simply applying a layer of Deck Tape® this prevents the breaking down of the treatments so the subframe of your deck maintains its integrity.


Use Deck Tape® on timber posts to create a waterproof and moisture-tight seal. Particularly useful for fence posts and any other timber that has contact with the ground.

Cut Ends

Generally this is a particularly weak spot for the moisture to start rotting the timber since there will not be any treatment on this part as it has been cut to size. Using one layer of Deck Tape® will completely seal it off from all moisture and water-rotting or weathering.

Around fasteners

Apply a layer of Deck Tape® between the galvanised fixings and treated timber to prevent the fixing from corroding.

  • Non-Butyl
  • Completely UV
  • Repositionable
  • Permanent Adhesive Bond For 50 years
  • Self-Seals Around Fasteners
  • Can Apply to Damp Timber or Below Freezing
  • Available in 8 different widths