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Way to redesign your deck

At Teckwood, we provide optimum choice for choosing the decking structures and materials that would last very long and ask for zero maintenance. Our decking material comprises of wood look-alike stuff, only that it isn’t wood! The eco-friendly materials constitute of anti-fire and anti-slip properties that comprise of zero degradation problems. Not only do we aim to deliver the optimum quality decking schemes but we also provide ideas for our customers to liven up their decks! Needless to go elsewhere in search of decorating your decks, we are right here to help you find your favorite exterior designs.

Step it up

Floating decks are an elevated deck amidst your garden, like an elevated wooden platform in your green space on which you may choose to set few leisure chairs or a swing maybe. It gives a very modern architectural look to your outdoor space.

Think outside the box (or under!)

Think Outside Box

It’s common to decorate your decks by putting up splendid patio furniture or choosing the perfect plants on it but it is unique to utilise the space underneath your decking floors. This, not only increases your place for relaxation but also gives your home an attractive and inviting feeling.

Layers never disappoint

Liven up your outdoor area by multiplying plenty of texture in it. Contrast the color of the furniture and fireplace with that of your deck or include dramatic furniture with simple decking and textured walls. This will give a larger than life kind of feeling to your deck.

Inculcate nature for privacy

Infuse your decking space with loads of greenery and colorful plants which will not only add freshness to your relaxation but can also act as a wall of privacy if grown and modified accordingly. Get privacy and go green!

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