Does plastic wood have the natural beauty of real wood?

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People simply love the look, feel and the natural beauty of wood for a variety of good reasons. It is aesthetically pleasing, tactile, and psychological (being natural).

Why would any homeowner consider installing plastic wood composite decking over the natural beauty of traditional timber? The standard answer to the questions tends to be, “I am fed up maintaining my wooden decking” or even “my timber decking is falling apart, we unable to use it anymore.”

Why would anyone want to maintain a decking? We all want and deserve something better.

Wood plastic grey composite decking by teckwood

The problem with natural wood

When it comes to natural wood, splinters can be one of the biggest pains literally, especially if you have children or pets or simply like to walk around your outdoor living space barefoot.

It may not happen in the first year but eventually the sun will dry out any natural wood decking, and splinters are the inevitable result.

Teckwood’s plastic wood decking will be a more pain less option for you as it is free from splinters.

The solution: Plastic wood

Initially the first generation of plasitc wood decking as well as some decking that is still on the market did a fairly poor job at delivering the feel of real wood.

However now Teckwood’s plastic wood decking boards are being produced that are surprisingly difficult to tell apart from real timber, producing the natural beauty of wood along with the benefit of low maintenance and durability.

Plastic wood decking boards by Teckwood

Teckwood have taken inspiration from earth’s natural elements and pigments to create a plasitc wood decking board that is difficult to differentiate from natural timber with create colours that are authentic and naturally appealing without sacrificing durability for beauty.

Teckwood’s plastic wood boards have exceptional resistance to rot, fading, insect infestation, and decay, unlike your typical pressure-treated deck.  Is it time for as change?


Mimicking the grain of wood on a composite deck’s surface was an issue for manufacturers of composite. Like so many other things in nature, the grain of the wood has both regularity and an irregularity about it.

When an artificial wood grain was first added to the surface of composite decking, the pattern was very regular as well as too pronounced. The natural grain of wood is much more subtle.  You do not have to search any further for a plastic wood decking that truly looks like real wood.

Why Teckwood’s plastic wood decking?

Teckwood might have discovered part of the magic formula a natural looking decking is not too shiny, and has a wood grain pattern that is pronounced enough to notice, but subtle enough not to become a visual distraction.

Probably more important than the look of natural wood is the feel of natural wood.  Our body has a keenly intuitive sense of what it is stepping on even with shoes on our feet. Teckwood’s plastic wood decking has the feel of natural timber.

Teckwood’s Harmony plastic wood decking

The protective cap which makes Teckwood’s Harmony Composite Decking looks and feels more like real wood and was designed to make the plastic wood incredibly tough and resilient.

It runs all around the board, serving to keep the composite free of moisture and protected from UV radiation, leading to a long, maintenance-free life.

The enhanced durability means that unlike real wood decking, you will not need to regularly sand, stain, and seal your decking, saving you time and money.

Teckwood’s Hallmark plastic wood decking

Teckwood’s Hallmark Composite Decking has a castellated appearance one side of the board like traditional timber decking board and the reverse has the appearance of a tropical hardwood.

Teckwood's new composite decking

Teckwood’s plastic wood decking comes in a wide variety of colours and owing to their advanced composite material these colours are UV stable.

Teckwood’s decking is already popular in construction and is a high quality premium building product, miles apart from any conception of cheap composites you might have.

Teckwood’s other top of the line building materials like cladding, balustrade and fencing feature the same benefits as our composite decking, giving you a green building solution.

What about maintenance and longevity?

Real timber decking requires regular maintenance, including sanding and sealing. Teckwood’s plasic wood composite decking generally needs only an annual cleaning with soap and water.

Plus plastic wood decking has an anticipated lifespan of 20+ years!

If you are thinking about a new deck take a little time and look at our composite decking page go on you owe it to yourself to give our entire range of plastic wood composites another look.


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