New Easy Fit Composite Balustrades by Teckwood

New Easy Fit Composite Balustrades by Teckwood

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Teckwood has announced the launch of its fourth new product in November. The easy install wood plastic composite balustrade system. The composite balustrades have been engineered to be suitable for use across domestic and commercial applications. The highly flexible composite balustrade system represents the evolution of Teckwood’s composite range.

Why use the new Teckwood composite balustrades

Composite balustrade systems are increasingly being used in and around modern buildings. They can be visually stunning, but any new balustrade installation must be designed in such a way to ensure the product is safe and the potential for installation errors minimised

There are also sizable opportunities for home improvement companies and installers. Adding balustrade to their offer is the logical next step when it can be accessed using an existing skills-set and Teckwood delivers some exceptionally high margin opportunities.

Teckwood’s systems may increase the perceived value of your home while providing an aesthetically pleasing safety feature.

Contact us if you have any questions about this product, or use our composite balustrade calculator to find out how much composite balustrades you need.

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