Environmentally sustainable decking and cladding

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Teckwood have reacted to the growing public concern for environmentally sustainable building materials.

In addition to making wood plastic composite cladding and decking products that offer natural beauty and are extremely durable, Teckwood have made significant investment into sustainable practices and cutting edge processes that start with the sourcing of raw materials and delivering products that last long past their warranties.

Today’s eco-friendly composite cladding and decking are demonstrably green, helping you to make the best green design choices with innovative materials from sustainable resources.


Teckwood use massive amounts of recycled materials to make composite cladding and decking materials. The plastic consists of discarded washing up liquid bottles (for example) and FSC certified timber from sustainable resources.

Modern Manufacturing

Extrusion technology for cladding and decking has improved immensely and state of the art processing has minimised energy usage, lowered plant emissions and eliminated the discharge of waste water into the environment.

Sustainable Building Products

Due to weather conditions traditional timber cladding and decking may only have a short life cycle. Wood deteriorates fairly quickly if not maintained properly, boards can twist, splinter, split and rot, even if they are maintained. Composite products do not require chemical stains or sealers. Wood plastic composites are designed to last for decades, whilst wood degrades much more quickly, necessitating more frequent replacement and use of resources.

To make a positive contribution to your health, daily life and also to others, take a natural approach by choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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