Garden Decking Ideas 2019

Garden Decking Ideas 2019 – A Designers Guide.

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Are you looking for inspiration and new garden decking ideas? This blog will offer clever design solutions that you can incorporate into the smallest or sloped area to make your garden decking stand out from the crowd along with inspirational ideas such as using architectural plants and bold vibrant colours.

Before you start your garden decking…

It is worthwhile considering a few basic ideas before building the Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) garden decking of your dreams. Not all composite decking is the same, spend a little time researching the finish that you require, does it have concealed fixings, is its anti-slip, low maintenance, eco-friendly and what guarantee does it offer? Price is obviously important but investing in quality composite decking stops headaches at a later date.

Consider these four simple garden decking ideas at the beginning of your project, and you will optimize design, manage the cost of building your deck, and create the garden you dream of, not the one you may end up with.

Smart Investments – Garden Decking Idea 1

Skip the headaches.  Traditional timber wood is cheaper then composite decking as an initial purchase but it requires constant upkeep to avoid weather and water damage.  By using traditional timber decking the final cost of your decking may well be a lot more expensive as you have to factor in maintenance and repairs hopefully over a period of years.

Teckwood’s Wood Plastic Composite Decking is a low-maintenance, anti slip, eco-friendly decking board that resists fading and mildew, and doesn’t require any annual sanding, staining or sealing. Just a quick clean with the jet wash is enough. Check out Teckwood’s colour options, you do not have to compromise that natural wood look. All backed up with a 25-year warranty giving you peace of mind.

Building Permissions – Garden Decking Idea 2

As early as possible it is worthwhile speaking to your local authority if your decking is more than 300mm above ground level or it is more than 50% of your garden, taking into account extensions and sheds etc. If you do not have the correct permissions you may be ordered to dismantle your deck, it may even make the sale of a property more complicated.

Questions to ask Yourself – Garden Decking Idea 3

Where to start? Can you throw a barbeque for 15, 20 or even 25 guests? How much shade will I need? What lighting will is available? Can I have an outside kitchen? What electrics do I need? Do not limit yourself, it is wise look at these and other ideas. Picture yourself on the decking and decide on how you could pass that perfect sunny afternoon.

Decking Style – Garden Decking Idea 4

The type of style could be the most important part of the process. Do you want to extend the indoors to the great outdoors seamlessly? It is worthwhile checking out your home, its colours and the architecture. Does it fit with your anticipated new life style?

Architect chairs garden decking idea

Next steps – 9 Garden Decking Ideas in Design Improvements

Now we have gone through the basics we can really get on with what you want to give an inspirational wood plastic decking. This is where your style ideas translate into, furniture layout, curves, lighting, colours, Jacuzzi, pool, outdoor kitchen, plants and finishes touches. The decking is an area that you will use for years to come and it is worth putting in that extra effort in before you start the installation.

1. Design Features

You could add design interest and enhance your composite decking for example for that ultra modern look you could combine your decking with a paved area to give a greater feeling of space. Look at using your walls to create an illusion of an even larger space, fitting decking vertically could provide a place some plants for all round colour and warmth. Add a seating area which you may also want to use for a storage area.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen garden decking ideas

If you have the space, consider creating a functional outdoor kitchen. When it is hot inside the summer heat seems to dissipate when barbequing those steaks, saving the air conditioning. A well designed and covered cooking space can provide an all year round cooking area making it as comfortable and personalised as your indoor kitchen.

3. Different Levels

Multi-level decking can really change the appearance of your garden. Normally you would expect to see multi level decking on a large area, but in sloped gardens it is an ideal solution. A multi level deck could even be used to add some valuable storage space where you could store some of those garden items.

4. Curved Decking

Curved Decking garden decking idea

Square or rectangular decking’s are the classic go too shape and will not go out of fashion, but if you have the available space, budget and desire a curved or circular decking can be absolutely stunning. It would create a focal point and a gradual border between different areas in your garden. Be aware when looking at your budget of the extra costs involved in the installation of a curved decking.

5. Furniture

The best architecturally designed furniture can create a seamless harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces. Infusing innovative modern ideas with the highest quality materials and using traditional techniques creating furniture that will be long lasting in the sun for years.

6. Lighting

Lighting up your composite decking can show really show off your decked area, not to mention assisting with health and safety when you may have one too many or you have small children. You can get really creative with lighting transforming you decking into a space that looks as good in the day as it does at night. Lights that are embedded into the wood are extremely popular and quite cheap and there should be no visible wires.

7. Bold Colours

Bold, hot colours can make a huge impact in any garden and by adding that splash of colour. Using colours such as oranges, reds, bright yellows, deep blues and purples will make your decked area stand out.  These colours add energy, good cheer and sensuality.

8. Plants

If two things were made to go together it is composite decking and plants, it is really easy to add a colourful pot and plant in a corner, even in the tiniest of spaces. It will make the space feel bigger and will significantly raise the impact of the decking. On larger spaces a plant will help to break up the texture of the decking. Consider using an architectural plant to give a different finish to your perimeters or raised planted areas, it can help your decking look softer and more natural and is probably one of the best garden design idea to really play around with.

9. Cocktail Bar

Outdoor bar garden decking ideas

A great summer afternoon idea would be sitting round a bar keeping cool. A rustic “beach” bar in your garden would take pride of place on or close to any decked area. How about using composite decking as a base, it is highly anti-slip so you have a good surface to stand on after a couple of cocktails.




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