Harmony Class B Fire Rated Composite Decking

Harmony Class B Fire Rated Composite Decking

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Always a leader in innovation Teckwood have launched their second Class B fire rated composite decking board in as many weeks. The new Harmony dual sided co extruded is the latest high tech decking option boasting even higher performance than normal composite decking. The capped and impregnated composite decking offers even better performance.

When you choose a co extruded fire rated composite decking that has been created using this fire resistant technology, you do not just get a great looking end result. You get high quality performance, a deck surface that has a scratch resistance value which is around 3 to 4 times better than normal decking. What’s more, the water absorption of this option is almost 0%, you also get a reduced expansion rate which is much lower than normal composite decking. These benefits are topped off with a wood brushing effect that looks incredibly natural, attractive and will last for years without colour fade.

Why use the Harmony Class B Fire Rated Composite Decking?

The dual sided/coloured co extruded decking board is the latest wood composite decking on the market.  It uses modern technology to bind fire resistant chemicals and multiple colours onto the wood composite decking surface.  With this multiple colour application the coextruded decking takes on a more natural and colourful finish.

Co-extruded decking, in short is a particularly high-tech decking option that boasts even higher performance than normal composite decking. The result is a new composite decking board that blends the unique beneficial properties of the original materials with exceptional fire-resistant properties.

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