How do composites work?

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Teckwood’s wood plastic composite cladding and decking has increased in popularity in recent years, but how does it compare to traditional timber cladding and decking?

Introduced as a viable alternative to timber, composite cladding and decking can help to reduce or even eliminate the typical maintenance issues associated with traditional timber.

Expertly extruded from a mixture of recycled plastics and FSC certified wood fibres, composite cladding and decking can offer a more sustainable solution than traditional timber.

Composite Decking

The component parts are bonded together under high pressure to create an incredibly durable finished product that is designed to outlast traditional timber.

Teckwood’s wood plastic composite decking and cladding offers greater protection both from rain and the sun’s UV rays, without the need to treat it. It will not crack, split, splinter, go mouldy or rot over time. Teckwood’s cladding and decking systems are guaranteed for 10 years.

The European Class B fire rated low maintenance composite cladding is particularly well suited for use in the commercial sector where ongoing maintenance of traditional building materials can be costly.

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