How to Maintain Your Winter Decking

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Your composite decking is an important extension of your home and before you pack up and bring your parties inside for the winter, take an afternoon to thoroughly clean your Teckwood decking.

Early winter is actually the best time to carry out your decking maintenance and protect it from the harsh elements that it will encounter in the coming months. Here are a few winter tips for protecting and maintaining your decking.

One of the main benefits of Teckwood’s composite decking is that it requires less maintenance than the timber alternative. That’s very clear around this time of year, when timber needs a little more care than composite decking. To keep your composite deck looking its best, you just need to keep it free from leaves and branches and if possible use a jet wash to clean any dirt and residue from the decking. Do not sand it (this will damage the surface of your decking) – just use a suitable decking cleaner and consider it done!

Your deck should be able to withstand a couple feet of snow, but if you are going to shovel it off use plastic tools. Metal can scrape or damage the composite decking (without you even knowing it) and leave you with a scratched decking come spring.

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