Introducing The Vintage Composite Decking Board From Teckwood POSTINTRODUCING THE VINTAGE COMPOSITE DECKING BOARD FROM TECKWOOD. Teckwood’s Vintage co

Introducing The Vintage Decking Board From Teckwood

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Teckwood’s Vintage composite decking board softens hard landscapes. The natural beauty of timber has been used to play a complimentary role in producing today’s highly engineered wood plastic. The 200mm wide decking board works with glass to create striking silhouettes, concrete and steel structures can be softened with the imaginative use of composite wood to help the site grow old gracefully.

When transforming a landscape by using the Vintage decking board you can transform a dull space into a warm inviting natural feel environment. Alternatively you could use the decking as a facade or as part of the building envelope.  Vintage decking can be used to make the space flow from inside to out. When looking to create a unique external environment the decking can be used to make patterns and angles and can replicate the building envelope following designed slick lines or to highlighting wide open spaces.

To assist in softening landscapes, castellated and enhanced grain decking boards can be interwoven and used to highlight stairs, ramps or changes in level which may also help in meeting the requirements of approved document M. A copy of which can be found here.

Teckwood’s Vintage decking boards Types

Teckwood’s Vintage decking boards are available in two stunning colours which showcase the wood grain beautifully and add style and elegance to any project.

Sandwood Vintage decking board

Evokes the natural warmth and beauty of traditional timber, the infused subtle hues of colour add to its authentic tones.

Sandwood vintage composite decking board

Smoked Grey Vintage decking board

Absorbs the intensity of the sunlight and multiple enhanced wood grain patterns add to its authenticity. 

Smoked grey vintage composite decking board

You also have a choice of two exceptional finishes:

  1. The castellated (grooved) finish has been enhanced with the subtle addition of colouring to recreate the subtle nuances that only natural timber can give. Creating the style that will enhance any project where you would love to live life outdoors.
  2. The enhanced grain finish has been inspired by the natural beauty of traditional timber, it almost looks and feels like real wood.  The Vintage decking can outperform natural timber and the distinctive knots and characterful grain adds an authentic true to life finish providing you with the ultimate decking. 

Reasons why you should consider Teckwood’s Vintage decking boards:

Anti slip

With public liability claims increasing, creating landscapes that consider accident prevention is an essential consideration. Teckwood’s dual sided Vintage decking board has been tested to provide you with two anti slip surfaces. Whichever you choose you can walk with confidence.

Cheaper & easy to install

By being 200mm wide the Vintage decking board speeds up installation saving you valuable labour time and of course money.

Installation is completed using concealed stainless steel fixing so the surface will not splinter making it the ideal solution round those pool area where you may venture on to the decking barefoot. 

Hardly any maintenance

When it comes to maintenance all you need to do is give it a quick jet wash when required, you do not have to sand it down or treat it with stains or varnishes. Leaving you time to enjoy the great outdoors. 

100% FSC certified

Teckwood’s Vintage composite decking board has been made using the most technologically advanced extrusion techniques and are free of harmful chemicals. By using 100% FSC certified timber and recycled plastics you can be sure that it is the most sustainable of decking products.

Still have a question?

If you would like to chat about your Vintage decking project with an expert, all you need to do is call us on 0800 799 9082.  We are here to help.

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