Is Your Decking Safe

Is Your Decking Safe

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Did you know that every three minutes in the UK a person is seriously injured due to slipping!

Teckwood’s dual sided composite has been tested on both sides to comply with the Health and Safety Executives recommended PTV (Pendulum Test Value) of plus 36 using the 4S slider. The testing to BS8204 includes obtaining a value on dry and wet floors and contaminated floors along both the width and length of the decking.

Teckwood’s research team have designed and created a composite decking board that you can use in confidence with a 1 in 1 million chance of slipping whichever side you decide to use. Our anti-slip wood plastic composite decking is durable and long lasting, providing high levels of slip resistance.

Do not get caught out fit the best anti slip decking first time. Call our sales team on 0800 799 9082 for further information.


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