Living outdoors is the new indoors

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It used to be something that only the few could dream of but as prices become more affordable the trend is to live outdoors. A well designed decked area can easily provide that perfect space for eating, entertaining and chilling out. Teckwood’s composite decking makes your decking an extension of your indoor space, bringing the indoors outdoors.

By adding a hot tub, concealed lighting, kitchens, or even patio heaters they create a space that is popular all year round and pays dividends in terms of increased comfort and functionality.

If you have the space why not design a multi-level decked area with designated spaces for cooking, eating, and relaxing. You could even be creative and add angles to provide solutions for those challenging spaces.

Colourful fabrics seem to lend themselves naturally to your decked area, try adding splashes of bright red or orange to a nautical blue and white decked area, you could also add flashes featuring pink, lime green, and lemon yellow or go for the new black.

To keep the transition from indoors to outdoors as smooth and seamless as possible, Teckwood’s hidden fastener system secures to the sides of the pre-grooved composite decking boards to secure the decking. You will not see any screws or nails, so the decking is smooth and bare foot friendly. It is another smart idea from Teckwood.

Don’t spend your valuable weekends sanding or treating your traditional timber decking install a low maintenance decking from Teckwood.

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