Teckwood’s Low Maintenance Composite Cladding on a Bespoke Mobile Home

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When Tingdene Homes, formed in 1969 and having built a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers in the UK of quality bespoke mobile homes, park homes and modular housing, looked to develop its range of Kudos residential park homes they turned to the technical team at Teckwood due their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Sustainable, low maintenance, colour stability and Class B fire resistant composite cladding was at the top of its wish list and Teckwood assisted in the design and development of an innovative flagship mobile home for the holiday lodge industry.

Traditional lightweight cladding systems could not comply with the product specifications or the sustainable legacy that the project demanded. Teckwood showcased its contemporary wood plastic composite cladding and the stone grey colour fitted Tingdene’s requirements perfectly. Made from 100% FSC certified timber and recycled plastics its meticulous green credentials made Teckwood’s composite cladding the perfect choice.

A breathable building membrane, moisture protection and flashings were installed during the manufacturing process of the mobile home according to standard building practices and the requirements of the relevant building codes. The composite cladding was quickly installed by Tingdene’s highly qualified cladding installers in accordance with Teckwood’s manual. The manufacturing process of the mobile home was overseen by one of Tingdene’s directors and signed off personally on completion.

Tingdene development and innovation department seamlessly merged design features and inventive composite solutions to create a piece of timeless architecture that is the perfect example of inspirational living designed around the your chosen way of life. This unique visual appealing structure will provide comfort and cover for the residents and will be another iconic addition to the Tingdene range of mobile park homes and lodges.

Teckwood worked closely with the management and build teams at Tingdene to reduce waste and to ensure that the project was completed on time to create an absolutely stunning Kudos bespoke mobile home. Teckwood’s composite cladding is designed around quality and low maintenance. The cladding only needs a sporadic clean using warm soapy water to keep it looking its best, it will not shrink, rot or warp unlike traditional timber.


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