Please read the entire MSDS as there is important information throughout. Teckwood expects you to follow the identified precautions unless your usable conditions would necessitate other appropriate methods or actions.

Product and Company Identification

Product name: Teckwood wood plastic composite (WPC) cladding, decking and internal flooring.

Manufacturer: Teckwood, Unit 10A, Edolphs Farm, Norwoodhill Road, Horley, RH8 0EB, UK.

Composition/Information on Ingredients

Ingredients name Content
FSC certified recycled wood fibres 58%
Recycled heavy duty polymers 37%
UV Stabiliser 1%
Bonding agent 1%
Stabiliser 1%
Colourant 2%

Hazards Identification

Under normal conditions and usage the product is non-hazardous. The product does however contain wood dust fibres. Wood dust fibres are considered hazardous if the airborne concentration exceeds the standard occupational exposure limits for extended periods. Exposure to such fibres is considered insignificant with this product due to the fact that the wood dust is encapsulated with the polymer matrix before extrusion

First Aid Measures

Inhalation: Unlikely inhalation hazard
Ingestion: No adverse effects likely
Skin: Non-hazardous
Eyes: Flush with water until clear. If irritation occurs, seek medical advice.

Fire Fighting Measures

Flash point: Greater than 350 degrees centigrade
Hazardous products of combustion: Include, but are not limited to, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide.
Special firefighting instructions/precautions:  Soak thoroughly with water to cool and to prevent re-ignition. The smoke can contain polymer fragments of varying composition, in addition to unidentified toxic and/or irritating compounds.

Special Fire Fighting Procedures

Dense smoke emitted when burning with low oxygen. There is a possibility of use explosion if in a large enough quantity. Use breathing equipment if in an enclosed area. Treat as a wood fire.

Accidental Release Measures

If spilt, sweep up the material and discard. No special landfill procedures are required, dispose of in accordance with local regulations.

Personal Protective Equipment Measures

Any machining operations likely must be done in a well ventilated area and carried out by personnel trained on the machines. Use a dust mask rated to BS EN149 of OEL is likely to be exceeded otherwise wear safety glasses or a visor when carrying out machining operations.

Handling and Storage

Keep away from heat, sparks, open flame and strong oxidising agents. Do not stack improperly. Teckwood wood plastic composite (WPC) products are heavier than normal wood, take care when lifting.

Physical Appearance and Odour

Odour: Slight hardwood
Solubility in water: Insoluble
Volatility %: Negligible


Material is stable
Conditions to avoid: Strong oxidising agents
Under combustion conditions: The following products may be generated: Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Water Vapour, Formic acid and Acetic Acid.

Toxicological Information

No OEL or MEL specified for this product.
Use wood dust fibres as a worse case guide – OEL5mg/mA3U – 8 hour time weighted average. (see HSE guidance note EH40 for more information.)

Transport Information

This material is not regulated by the DoT.