NEW: Samson Adjustable Composite Deck Support Pedestals

NEW: Samson Adjustable Composite Deck Support Pedestals

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The solution of raising a floor on a support is nothing new. The ancient Romans used tiles to raise the floors in the thermal baths under which hot air was forced.

The multi functional Samson adjustable pedestal supports are perhaps the best instant support system for a floating deck.  The adjustable deck support is especially useful for constructing hard landscaping areas on terraces, balconies, flat roofs and podium decks.

The deck support is applicable on projects with strict height allowances, the adjustable decking legs can support heavy loads and provide risk free support over sensitive waterproof membranes on a roof terrace project for example.

The functionality of support risers is not limited to just composite decking. The adjustable deck support can be used to support paving, tiling and metal grates in both residential and commercial spaces.

The Samson deck support pedestals are very simple to use, simply place the pedestals at the recommended support centres for your sub-frame and then twist the adjustable head to the desired height.

Composite deck support Pedestrals example

What is a Samson adjustable pedestal?

The Samson adjustable deck support pedestals can be used to create an instant decking or floor area on balconies and terraces quite easily. The system uses a series of adjustable pedestals to support the composite decking to create a raised floor. The adjustable deck support pedestals are mess-free and use no adhesive. The base will need to have the correct fall and be fully waterproofed to allow the water to drain away below the decking.

What are Samson support pedestals made from?

The Samson adjustable support pedestals are robust pedestals made from injection moulded high density polypropylene and can tolerate loads of 4768 N (The newton (symbol: N) is the International System of Units (SI) derived unit of force. It is named after Isaac Newton in recognition of his work on classical mechanics, specifically Newton’s second law of motion). They have a very large tolerance to temperature change and will not crack in freezing temperatures. The base plates are manufactured with diagonal arms spreading out across the face of them ensuring that the weight is spread to the maximum possible area.

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Why should I use adjustable deck supports?

Samson adjustable pedestals supports can save you the laborious job of levelling a surface, laying a concrete base or constructing a timber subframe. They simply sit on the underlying hard surface and the infinitely adjustable, up or down ring, adjusts the pedestal to the required support height.

The adjustable pedestal supports also improve drainage by lifting sub structures and preventing localised pooling as well as improving ventilation under the sub structure. This also helps to reduce the build-up of mould under the flooring surface.

Compared to traditional timber subframe and post supports, the support pedestals are far lighter making them easier and safer to work with, especially in high locations.

How do the Samson adjustable support pedestals work?

The adjustable deck support is designed with a telescopic stem which is wound up and down to achieve the height required and can be made whilst the decking is being installed saving a great deal of time and labour.

What is the range of Samson pedestals?

The adjustable deck supports are available in a large range of sizes that go from 18mm to 140mm.They can be micro tuned easily by just a twist.

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What are the benefits of the Samson adjustable pedestals?

  1. The cavity created by using the Samson decking foundation allows cables or pipes to be hidden under the surface of the decking.
  2. The suspended pedestal system offer better thermal insulation.
  3. Perfect for building energy efficient roofs.
  4. The void assists in the reduction of noise transference.
  5. Allows rainwater to be dispersed quickly to reduce the risk of flooding.
  6. Decking can be reconfigured or removed completely as it is not permanently fixed.
  7. The pedestals can absorb structural movement.
  8. Very strong and load resistant.
  9. Lighter than constructing a traditional timber sub frame.
  10. By ventilating the decking the build of mould and dampness is reduced.

How do you install Samson adjustable decking pedestals?

Samson pedestals are very easy to install, the basic instructions are as follows.

  1. Measure the finished height of your decking from the FFL (finished floor level).
  2. Take away the thickness of the decking – 23mm. This will give you the overall height of the pedestal needed. Overall decking height – decking thickness = pedestal height.
  3. Use a laser level to mark the finished decking height across the whole area.
  4. Level the adjustable decking legs to accommodate the difference in the levels on the base. You could also use a spirit level.
  5. Place the first pedestals at the corner of where you are laying your first decking board.
  6. Repeat along the length of your first decking board. Do not stand on the decking board while adjusting the pedestal underneath.
  7. If required in corners or around edges the pedestals can be cut using a saw.
  8. When the decking is complete use a spirit level to ensure that the decking has been installed to the manufacturers instructions.

Samson adjustable pedestal supports.

When buying a pedestal instant decking system always go for one that comes with adjustable feature. An adjustable deck support can provide you with a cost-effective and most efficient method for building raised decking on rooftops, roof terraces and other sloping surfaces. Samson pedestals can be used on a wide range of prestigious architectural projects. The versatility of the Samson system means that they can be used easily for a small roof top terrace or for a large commercial installation.

Samson adjustable deck supports are geared towards giving not just a product that meets the required specification, but technical support that ensures your installation proceeds to specification and on time and on budget.

Most Common Application

The most common application for the pedestal support system is where you need an instant foundation for a floating decking. The Samson adjustable pedestal support is the system for your project.

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