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NM Range Pedestals

The NM Range of adjustable pedestals has a wide range of features that make them perfect for any kind of raised flooring applications. Going from 25 to 990mm it is a cost effective solution for the most challenging of projects. Featuring an above average loading capacity, a wide range of adjustable heights, noise reducing rubber head and a reliability that can only be offered by experts in the field of raised flooring supports the NM range is easily the ideal solution for architects and contractors alike. The full Eterno Ivica ranges of pedestals are available as a Class B fire rated option.


NM1 Pedestal

25 to 40mm

NM2 Pedestal

40 to 70mm

NM3 Pedestal

60 to 100mm

NM4 Pedestal

90 to 160mm

NM5 Pedestal

150 to 270mm

NM Extension

Length of extension – 165mm


NMXL Pedestal Fixed head

NM Pedestal Fixed head

Adjusting key


Further advantages: 

- Invisible, the flooring maintains its original aesthetic.
- Removable, it allows for the inspection of the underlying surface with the simple removal of the elements
- Adjustable. You can still adjust the supports in height, even on the finished floor.
- It does not require adhesives or screws.
- Absorbs expansion and structural movements.
- It can also be installed on pre-existing terraces.
- It is compatible with any type of plates, planks, slats.