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Pedestal Prime

Innovation starts here with the self levelling Pedestal Prime® by Eterno Ivica. It has been 65 years in the making the attention to detail make it the ideal solution. Only three pedestals to cover the complete range from 30 to 945mm. It comes pre assembled for installation, offers improves sound reduction values of up to 25dB, it can compensate for a 5% fall, an excellent load bearing capacity of 1,200Kgs and if required it can be supplied to comply with Class B of the building code.


Pedestal Prime PR1

30 to 65mm

Pedestal Prime PR2

65 to 155mm

Pedestal Prime PR3

155 x 420mm


1 x Extension to 595mm
2 x Extensions to 770mm
3 x Extensions to 945mm


Universal head

for Timber or Composite Joists

Criss cross head

for Aluminium Joist

Adjusting Key

Self Adhesive Separating Layer

to Protect the Membrane

Tilting head block

For the edges

1, 2 & 3mm Levellers

for slopes greater then 5%

Further advantages:

- From 30 mm to 420 mm in height with only three products
- A single product with all the integrated elements
- Reduction of warehouse space
- 300 cm² solid base with patented special shape
- Base with “slots” for fast “clip” attachment patented
- A single cut of the base to make the corner
- A single self-leveling or fixed product, thanks to the insertion of the “head block”
- No additional rings, tubes or extensions are needed, the extension is integrated and ergonomic
- Compatible with all accessories of the PEDESTAL-WOODECK range
- Transport costs considerably reduced as the product is supplied assembled