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Tingdene Homes

When Tingdene Homes, one of the leading UK manufacturers of mobile homes and modular housing, wanted to develop their range of Kudos residential park homes they turned to Teckwood.

The technical team assisted in the development of a beacon flagship home for the industry. Sustainable, low-maintenance fire-resistant cladding was at the top of their wish list.

Traditional lightweight cladding systems could not comply with the product specifications or the sustainable legacy that the project demanded. Teckwood showcased their contemporary wood plastic composite cladding and their Stone Grey Cladding fitted Tingdene’s requirements perfectly.

Tingdene’s development and innovation department merged design features and inventive solutions to create a piece of timeless architecture that is the perfect example of aspirational living. This unique visual structure will provide comfort and cover for the residents and will be another iconic addition to the Tingdene range.

Teckwood worked closely with the project and build teams at Tingdene to reduce waste and to ensure the project was completed on time. The result is a stunning Kudos park home.

Tingdene also offer a full range of residential park homes providing first class modern living, all of which are fully equipped and perfectly suited to year-round usage.

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