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Teckwood's Pyrodeck Composite Decking

Teckwood have re-defined and perfected composite decking to provide a Class B fire rated composite decking board that can help minimise risk due to fire exposure.

When critical fire protection is required for decking it is vital that you have a proven supplier you can trust. Teckwood offers a tried, tested and proven Class B fire rated composite decking board that gives you creative freedom in terms of design, application and provides a complete assurance of a built-in and highly effective fire protection performance that will last.

The highly controlled treatments introduced as part of the extrusion process impregnates the whole of the mixture providing a permanent long term protection that requires little or no maintenance. A real benefit over short lived products and site applied and uncontrolled fire retardant coating products.

Teckwood’s fire rated decking meets the requirements of European Standard EN 13501-1, to Euroclass B. It is also a better sustainable choice for the environment and may be a contributing factor in stopping small isolated fires from being a destructive force on domestic and commercial properties.

With a selection of low-maintenance, high-performance, eco-friendly composite products Teckwood help create the perfect outdoor living environment.

Always check with your local building code authority to confirm the decking fire requirements in your location, and even if the building codes do not require it, you might want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is that much more protected if the unthinkable happens.


At Teckwood we place great importance on our distributors and work on creating a close relationship with them. Our distribution strategy focuses on warehouse, on time deliveries and on mutual trust, which translates to profitable working partnership for both parties.

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