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Star.t Range Pedestals

The detail is in the difference and the Star.T offers exactly that. Outdoor flooring support has never been so thin. It is the thinnest in the world!  Star.T starts at just 10mm and can be adjusted with precision to give a maximum support of 30 mm and it is compatible with any type of composite decking, ceramic or porcelain tiles or of any size and weight. It makes any outdoor project simple, whether you are an enthusiastic DIYer or hiring contractors, and of course it is guaranteed. Even the most challenging of low thresholds are no longer as issue. The base ensures an even distribution of the weight, the pedestals can also be supplied self extinguishing and they are ultra violet and corrosion resistant.


Star.T Pedestal

10 to 15 mm

Star.T Plus 1 Extension

Extension to 20 mm

Star.T Plus 2 Extension

10 to 15 mm

Star.T Plus 3 Extension

10 to 15 mm

Further advantages:

- Height adjustment with regulation key
- The thinnest and most adjustable in the world
- Millimetric regulation from 10 to 15 mm
- Highly technical
- Pre-cut tabs
- The starting point for renovations
- Possibility to raise of 8 mm with one of the two components, then adding 5 mm extra with Star.B