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Step with confidence – Anti slip composite decking by Teckwood

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Any composite decking product offering two distinct finishes is addressing a need in the fast moving, innovation design construction market. This realisation highlighted a potential sales opportunity for Teckwood. Is there a dual-sided anti slip composite decking on the market that is available to developers and end-users that allows them to step with confidence onto wet or greasy surfaces?

Previously there was no such product, but now due to investments in technology, Teckwood have the ideal anti slip composite decking solution.

The wonderful thing about being a composite solutions provider is that it allows Teckwood, who have a deep understanding of the composite decking industry and a sound reputation, to create what they think is a world first.

Teckwood’s goal for the research and development department was to design and create a dual sided composite decking board that could be used safely whichever face that you decide to use.

Their Hallmark wood plastic composite (WPC) decking board is not only dual sided but both sides are anti slip certified.

Testing the Anti slip Hallmark composite decking

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises and recommends a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) should be used when testing floor surfaces that need to meet a minimum test value of 36 when the floor is dry, wet or contaminated. A Pendulum test mimics the way a pedestrians heel make contact with the double sided composite decking board and measures the dynamic coefficient of the friction in dry, wet or contaminated conditions between the heel and the composite decking.

The No 96 slider is made of a special rubber that simulates shod pedestrian traffic and the No 55 slider is used for testing bare feet on the proposed anti slip surface.

Teckwood’s new dual sided composite decking board achieved a PTV rating of 36 on both sides, a 1 in 1 million chance of slipping. Whether you choose from our smart modern enhanced grain finish or a traditional castellated finish you can be confident in using Teckwood’s Hallmark composite decking in almost all circumstances.

You can step with confidence on either side of Teckwood’s Hallmark composite decking board as it offers outstanding anti slip performance as well as being completely barefoot friendly.

For Teckwood it is extremely important that you can move safely and securely, whether you are at work or at home. Teckwood are the market leading composite decking solutions provider and are the ideal choice for that perfect anti slip composite decking area.

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