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A couple of weeks ago two members of the Teckwood team made their way to Heathrow Airport with visas and passports in hand ready to travel on an Emirates A380 to Shanghai via Dubai to visit their extrusion facility, to look at new product development and technological advancements in production.

The journey was very relaxing (except for the spilt red wine) as they took advantage of Emirates hospitality to arrive in Shanghai refreshed after falling asleep embarrassingly on their neighbour’s shoulders during the second leg of the journey.

Following a good night’s sleep in Langxi City they were whisked off to see the cutting edge technology that is now used to produce some of the best composite wood plastic products in the world. This is a consequence of amazing levels of competition and innovation. Where the next generation of wood plastic composite fire rated cladding, decking and flooring is replacing most of the tired old first generation of composites.

Study trips searching for maximum innovation and cutting edge technology are used to focus on new products as we all know construction is under pressure to provide the latest trends at the most cost effective prices.

The result for construction is simple; quality and choice. These are the drivers that contractors are expecting, more choice, improved specifications, with excellent fast and motivated service. The consequence of Teckwood’s visit is a company that focuses on innovation to deliver the best wood plastic composite cladding, decking and flooring.

After experiencing an ever changing extrusion facility the only thing left for the Teckwood team was to negotiate the return trip to Heathrow on Aeroflots ageing fleet via Moscow.


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