Teckwood’s safety first composite decking

Teckwood’s safety first composite decking

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What is the main factor when it comes to buying composite decking? Style, Comfort,  Durability, Safety or all of the above?

There are so many decking products on the market that may have the right colour and texture, but lack in durability and strength. All that beauty could be just a façade covering a weak and poor quality deck that is far from being safe. Your deck’s safety is one feature that you should never compromise on.

The safety of a deck goes hand-in-hand with its waterproof capabilities, moisture can ruin the appearance of traditional timber decking, both in colour and texture and can accelerate the rotting of the wood which compromises on the strength of the deck.

Teckwood’s quality composite decking’s waterproof and will prevent any moisture infiltration into the deck. This can be attributed to the fact they are made from recycled plastic and 100% FSC certified wood fibres. The moisture resistant feature makes Teckwood’s composite decking a much better alternative for outdoor decking compared to wooden decks.

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