The natural beauty of composite decking

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Why would any homeowner consider installing wood plastic composite decking over wood? The standard answer could be, “I am fed up maintaining my wooden decking” or even “it is falling apart; we cannot even use it anymore.” Who wants to maintain a decking? I want something better!

Teckwood’s composite decking lasts longer and is easier to own than traditional wood, it captures all the warmth and beauty of natural wood, from the textures and colours right down to the wood grain patterns. It is easier to maintain and more durable. If you are thinking about a new deck take a little time and look at our composite decking page, go on you owe it to yourself to give composites another look.

Teckwood have taken inspiration from earth’s natural elements and pigments, to create colours that are authentic and naturally appealing without sacrificing durability for beauty. Teckwood’s composite decking boards have exceptional resistance to rot, fading, insect infestation, and decay, unlike your typical pressure-treated deck.

What about maintenance and longevity? Timber decking requires regular maintenance, including sanding and sealing. Teckwood’s composite decking generally needs only an annual cleaning with soap and water. Plus composite decking has an anticipated lifespan of 20+ years.

If you are looking for a naturally beautiful, durable composite decking that is easy to maintain call our friendly sales team on 0800 799 9082.

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