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The Natural Beauty of Wood Plastic Composite Decking

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Natural wood plastic Composite Decking is becoming more and more attractive to normal homeowners as it has all the benefits you are looking for without any major drawbacks, let’s go over some of the characteristics of natural wood plastic composite decking. Let us discover why sustainable composite decking, is becoming a popular trend these days.

Natural Beauty

natural beauty wood

Wood is naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing with wonderful natural qualities. It can add to the attractiveness of the home or the garden, it is also a sustainable resource.

The unique grain and pattern illustrate both the time and place of the trees growth. The true beauty of wood emerges gradually and develops a subtle yet rich nuance that gives every length of composite decking its own personality.

Real Wood Feel

Real wood feel

Since wood is a natural product, it feels great under bare feet. Our body has a keenly developed intuitive sense of what it is stepping on, this can be especially important during the winter seasons. The main problem with wood is that it requires a lot of maintenance.

Teckwood have got really close to the original timber feel. The fibres and pores are built into the surface of the composite decking by the use of the latest pressing technology, registering colours to textures. As a true trendsetter in composite deck finishes, the authentic appearance of Harmony decking board really leads the way.

Real Wood Look

Real wood look

Initially copying the grain of real wood on to a composite decking’s surface had also been an issue for some manufacturers of composite decking. Like so many other things in nature, the grain of natural wood has both regularity and irregularity about it.

Now the inspirational look of Teckwood’s composite decking offers the naturally textured grain of the wood and is much more subtle. The natural-looking decking is not too shiny and has a wood grain pattern that is pronounced enough to notice, but subtle enough not to become a visual distraction.


Teckwood created their innovative formula by combining FSC 100% certified real timber with recycled plastic to replicate the natural character of the wood and to add the longevity, durability and the strength of plastics.

Every step of the extrusion process draws on their expertise, whether using the best hand-craftsmanship or technological innovations. This combination creates a sustainable natural-looking composite decking of exceptional beauty and quality that you will love for years to come.

Easy of installation decking

Natural timber decking has traditionally been screwed or nailed into place through the face of the decking making the surfaces dangerous to walk on at times.

Teckwood’s composite decking uses concealed stainless steel fixing that do not rust leaving the surface of the decking safe to walk on barefoot. Installation of composite decking is easy but you need to pay attention to Teckwood’s manual following the guidelines for butt jointing and expansion.

Composite decking can be cut easily just like real wood using traditional woodworking tools.


Composite decking sustainability

Here in the UK green construction materials are becoming increasingly popular and are being made easily available as industry professionals begin to look at renewable resources and make responsible choices related to their projects. Sustainable composite decking, in particular, is becoming a popular trend.

But what is sustainable wood? Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is guaranteed to be sourced sustainably using low-impact logging methods. While reducing the timber-gathering impacts on the surrounding environment, the goal with sustainable logging is to have the least possible negative impact on the surrounding area.

FSC-certified wood comes from forest areas that are well-managed to ensure sustainability. This wood features an FSC label to make it easier to find in lumber and home-improvement stores. More than 380 million acres of forest are FSC-certified globally.

Teckwood’s composite decking is made using responsibly sourced timber where new seedlings are planted faster than harvested trees ensuring the longevity of the forest.


Teckwood’s composite decking has even more environmentally friendly aspects than just being made from sustainable natural wood and recycled bottle tops in the extrusion process. Due to the manufacturing process, it does not need to be protected from the harsh elements in the way natural wood does.

You do not need to rub down or treat the decking every 2 or 3 years to keep it looking good, just a quick jet wash a couple of times a year should be enough to keep it looking pristine. Reducing the harmful effects of chemicals released into the atmosphere.

Enhanced colours

The beauty of natural colours have come a long way and composite decking now gets close to offering a wide array of natural-looking wood shades by taking inspiration from the earth’s natural hues, shades elements. To get close to a natural wood finish amazing real wood grain can be added to give a “lightly figured to a heavily textured” finish. Teckwood’s carefully considered range of colours includes a range of stepped shades specifically designed to bring subtle depth to neutral schemes.


Unlike natural wood composite decking will not splinter, crack, or rot. It will not fall victim to insect infestation, and never needs sanding, staining, or refinishing. The resilience of the composite decking has been increased in such a way that it is even tougher than natural wood and being significantly denser it is less water-permeable ensuring that no timber fungus can get a foothold.

Anti Fade

The extrusion process of the composite decking was made even better by adding an ultraviolet stabiliser along with an anti-mould agent to the mix to ensure that your wood plastic composite decking will stay rich, vibrant and naturally long-lasting beautiful for years to come due to its unsurpassed protection in even the harshest of environments.

Highest Quality

Customer experience Teckwood

By using natural wood to extrude the composite decking Mother Nature has influenced the decking, its feel, grain and colours. Man has in the time-honoured way of woodworking has enhanced it makes it even better making Teckwood’s resilient composite decking board’s premium quality.

Teckwood offers outstanding value naturally beautiful composite decking, if you are looking for a naturally beautiful, durable composite decking that is easy to install and maintain call our knowledgeable friendly sales team on 0800 799 9082.

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