Types of Decking Lights to Make Your Garden Look Amazing

Types of Decking Lights to Make Your Garden Look Amazing

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Incorporating inspirational lighting into your garden decking is a very popular way of adding a beautiful ambience to your outdoor space. When dusk starts to approach the decking lights can transform your garden giving a difference in appearance and the functionality can be dramatic. The decking lighting will allow you to enjoy those balmy summer evenings for several additional hours each day. Decking lighting is a wonderful and simple way to create the mood you want to set, whether that is a romantic evening with your partner or using decking lights to make a party more festive.

With a little thought it is easy to add lighting to your existing decked area, the ideal time would be to install it when you build your decking but that is not always an option. Fortunately there are plenty of options available that can be fitted when you build your deck or can be fitted retrospectively. 

Layering light outside (just like indoors) is essential to create a welcoming atmosphere and the perfect outdoor living area. Light layering uses three different layers of light. They are ambient, task and accent lighting. Begin by selecting ambient decking lights that provides a general, comfortable level of brightness. 

You may want to use task lighting in areas near a BBQ or an outdoor kitchen, pendant lights work well in these areas or recessed lighting into the decking. Finally you could look to add decorative lighting that accentuates the decking’s architectural features and style. 

Why install decking lights?

By installing decking lights to your garden you will add enhanced safety and security for your family and your guests.  Burglars are less likely to approach a home if the house or decking is well lit.

Please remember that any decking lights used outdoors must be rated for outdoor use, even in areas that are covered, outdoor decking lighting must be durable enough to stand up to the elements. 

These 9 ambient lighting solutions will quickly add beauty and functionality to your decking. The options are endless in terms of customization and lighting up your deck.

Types of decking lights

1. Recessed Decking Lights

Recessed decking lights

Recessed lights are the most commonly used type of decking lights. You need to be able to get to the space under your composite decking. All you need to do is sink a hole into your deck and gently slide the light into the hole. The cables of your LED lights go under the deck and back to your switch and main power supply making it safe if you have small children. It is simple and the beautiful lights compliment your deck.  

2. String Lighting

String decking lights

String lighting is probably the easiest way to add some lighting to your composite deck although it works best if you have a structure over or next to your decking. This pergola will allow you to hang the string lights above head height and illuminate the decking from above. String lighting is perfect for adding cosy ambience around your decking. 

3. Wall Lights

Wall decking lights

Another easy option is to add LED lights to the wall to the rear of your home. These are normally easier to install and can be connected to your existing electrical supply. A big advantage when using wall lights is that you can create shields to direct the light where you want it allowing your decking to be illuminated without being blinded as you walk around it.

4. Lantern decking lights

Lantern decking lights

Lanterns are another great decorative deck lighting option. They are quick, inexpensive and allow for more control when it comes to the amount of light given off. Add as little or as many lanterns as you’d like depending on how much light you want your deck to have. Whether they use solar-powered bulbs, battery-operated bulbs, or even candles, lanterns are portable and can be placed wherever your deck needs light the most. 

5. Solar decking Lights

Solar decking lights

Solar decking lights come in a variety of different forms and colours. They are very easy to install and do not require any wiring or power source. They are also energy efficient and environmentally-friendly, making them a great choice for those who want to keep it green. 

6. Under Rail Lighting

Under rail decking lights

If you have a balustrade surrounding your decking it is worth considering adding decking lights under the handrail. Most decking has a handrail to keep you safe or simply acting as a decorative feature. By installing decking lights to the underside of the rail you will be able to illuminate the edge of your decking and create a warm glow. A great option if you are looking to create ambiance and to encourage talking.

7. Stair Lighting

Stairs decking lights

One of the most popular places to add decking lighting is to the stairs, placed subtly on the steps they can be an added feature to the steps themselves. They also assist as a safety feature and add a gentle glow to your decking.

8. Post Cap Lights

Post cap decking lights

Post Cap lights are situated on top of a decking post, they give a gentle glow in all directions. They can be quite elaborate and one of the brightest decking lighting options, they are great for those who want their decking to be illuminated all around.

9. Landscape Lighting

Landscape decking lights

One way of creating an enhanced lighted area is to use up-lighters for illuminating trees, shrubs and focal centre pieces around your composite decking. Lighting them will show them off in a new light and attract attention.

Warm weather calls for outdoor entertaining and it is easy to see why lighting up your decking by introducing some decking lights will make the outdoors come alive at night, with the proper lighting in place you will be able to enjoy your decking for as long as you want.  To learn more about Teckwood’s composite decking give our friendly sales team a ring on 0800 799 9082 or email us on info@teckwood.co.uk 

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