Use our luxury vinly composite flooring anywhere!

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Due to its unique design, durability and uni loc clip system Teckwood’s luxury vinyl flooring can be used in any room in the house such as hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and home offices.

Bathroom – This is the room where most water related accidents happen in your home. Unwind and relax, don’t worry about the flooring it’s totally waterproof and any spills can be easily cleaned up.

Bedroom – The perfect bare foot friendly space, a cosy area where comfort matters the most and a nice warm feel for those early mornings.

Dining Room – If you are looking to host the perfect dinner party the natural timber nuances will make your dinner party unique.

Kitchen – The beautiful centre of your home full of hustle and bustle. The luxury vinyl flooring can help maintain the peace and calm when you have those long Sunday morning breakfasts.

Living Room – Here the flooring needs to be able to cope with all those facets of family live. Being active with the kids and relaxing watching the TV when they have gone to bed. It can handle it all.

Office – You need to create a great first impression in your home office and there is no better way then creating a professional look that says to your guest please enter.

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