Using timber cladding effectively?

Teckwood’s wood plastic composite cladding has become a popular material with architects, designers and contractors. It creates an economic, sustainable, attractive and functional building that drives innovation to a new level in eco friendly building products.

Before using composite cladding it is important to understand the opportunities with such an innovative material and how you can use it effectively.

Composite cladding is a very useful material, it is easy to cut and work with, lending itself to creative and unique designs, building curves into the design of a building to help it blend into its surroundings.

If you are working with limited space think about utilising cladding to create more space by adding extensions and shapes directly from the cladding to build extra storage areas (for example – refuse areas, drying spaces) that in turn can create a building that is better suited for its use.

To ensure that that you get the most from your fire rated composite cladding use it effectively- making sure that the colour chosen is suited to your building project.