Teckwood’s luxury range of European Class B fire rated wood plastic composite vinyl flooring is as stylish as it is strong. Our collection of commercial flooring appears to be authentic wood with a rich true to life detail. The layers provide a waterproof finish along with excellent sound reduction values and the warm soft touch makes the flooring the perfect bare foot friendly experience. Find out more about its construction here.

Teckwood eco-friendly wood plastic composite vinyl flooring has been beautifully designed to match the natural look wooden flooring, it is a superb cutting edge indoor flooring solution. The inspirational luxury vinyl composite flooring may appear to be authentic wood with true to life detail. The naturalistic textures takes skill and impeccable attention to detail to achieve, setting a new standard in fire rated composite vinyl flooring.

We began our modern plank by combining real timber with recycled plastic to replicate the natural look and character of the wood, adding the longevity, durability, and strength of plastics, to create a low maintenance composite wood vinyl flooring that is exceptionally durable. The high performance top layer with scratch and stain guard technology protects your floor from dirt, stains and scratches making them easy to clean and maintain.

The finely printed decorative vinyl layer adds colour for depth and subtle variation to your vinyl composite flooring, our engineers complete the process by adding an ultra violet stabiliser and impact resistant vinyl floor to ensure that your wood vinyl flooring will stay rich, vibrant and naturally beautiful for years to come.

Composite vinyl flooring is not just about the appearance, safety is a byword at Teckwood, our Class 0 fire rated flooring is no exception. Teckwood’s flooring offers superb ambient sound and impact sound reduction values. It is a long term investment that will not let you down.

Teckwood’s distinctive composite vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof making it the perfect green solution for any room in your home or any heavy duty commercial application.

You can order samples or calculate how much flooring you’ll need.

Black Olive Vinyl Laminate Flooring

The exquisite feel of the soft to touch Black Olive vinyl laminated composite flooring has been created to offer an authentic plank that oozes authenticity.

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Scrubbed Pecan Vinyl Laminate Flooring

The exceptionally durable Scrubbed Pecan vinyl laminate composite flooring boards offer the warmth and appeal of natural hardwood.

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Slate Grey Vinyl Laminate Flooring

The flawless design of the Slate Grey vinyl composite flooring board offers uncompromising performance with the minimum of maintenance and effort.

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Pearl Grey Vinyl Laminate Flooring

Teckwood’s Pearl Grey European Class B fire rated vinyl flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring system that has been fused together using the latest technology.

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The Best Fire Rated Composite Vinyl Flooring On The Market.

The 8mm thick wood plastic composite vinyl cladding is visually attractive in appearance and has minimal maintenance requirements. It is one of the best European Class B fire rated materials for internal flooring on the market. The quality of the timber and recycled plastics used to replicate the authentic appearance of traditional wooden flooring has a huge impact on the stability and calibre of your finished facade.

Simple & Easy To Clean & Maintain

Teckwood’s luxury vinyl composite flooring is a premium product and is available in a variety of warm contemporary colours. Sealed flooring surfaces, anti-static joints, 100% waterproof coatings are just a few of the impressive design attributes of our versatile flooring solution.

Safety & Durability

Our redefined realistic elegant European Class B fire rated flooring is ideal for all inside areas. It is manufactured with an innovative easy clip fixing system. Teckwood’s vinyl composite flooring fuses a synthetic multi-layer with a clear protective layer to give a long lasting luscious finish that makes it a joy to walk on.

Low Design & Life Cycle Costs

Not only does our fire rated European Class B vinyl flooring offer an innovative and unique solution. The elegant design and unrivalled durability can accommodate the most challenging of design. Teckwood strive to minimise our products environmental effects over its life time.