Which decking lights to use for your garden

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Garden decking lights are one of the key areas where you can get really creative with your deck. The right decking lights can transform your composite decking into a space that looks just as great at night as it does in the day. Decking lights allow you to entertain guests or just chill out in your garden once the sun goes down.

Lights that are embedded into the decking are a very popular way to add light to a new deck. There are several key benefits to adding lights into your deck. Firstly, this lighting tends to be safe if you have small children, as it avoids using visible wires. Secondly, the bulbs don’t tend to be too bright, so the lighting will subtly compliment your deck and it won’t be intrusively bright and more importantly the lighting can be used to highlight any steps making those evening trips into the garden so much safer.

Even better, decking lights tend to be very economical. So, once your new Teckwood decking is in place, adding embedded lights will not break the bank, but it will make your new composite decking look stylish. Lights also make your deck far more versatile, because you will be able to sit out on in during the day or night.

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