Through advances in technology Teckwood is committed to using a revolutionary mix of FSC® certified wood and recycled plastics that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Our Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) cladding and decking is a long life product which can again be recycled in the future. This is our win-win solution to sustainable living..

Eco friendly composite decking and composite cladding

Here at Teckwood we believe in sustainability and by using our cladding, decking or flooring products you are helping the environment. Our incredibly Eco friendly our products are made from FSC® 100% certified wood and recycled plastic that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Anti slip composite decking and composite cladding

Teckwood’s decking board has excellent anti-slip properties. It is made from 60% plastic and 40% wood as well as other additives, delivering you a long lasting low maintenance product. As our decking does not rot or mould it makes the board less slippery compared to traditional timber boards. Our product has been tested by an independent body for its anti-slip properties and have got fantastic results.

Colour Infused technology brings standard dull plain decking to life, mixing colours to give a more realistic life like effect. It gives an amazing 3D effect making your decking or cladding appear more like natural wood staining finish. Our 3D printed boards offer a deep wood-like imprint making a really eye catching finish.

Non Rotting composite decking and composite cladding

Teckwood’s wood plastic composite cladding and decking does not suffer like traditional timber when subjected to everything nature can throw at it. The anti-rot, mould resistant properties make the cladding and decking an extremely effective low maintenance cladding or decking for those who do not want to compromise.

Fire rated composite decking and composite cladding

Teckwood’s European Class B composite cladding and vinyl composite flooring are what we is believe the perfect solution thanks to cutting edge technology. They offer an unprecedented level of realism delivering a total solution for every design. If your project is domestic, public, commercial or industrial our portfolio and extensive knowledge coupled with our long term commitment enables Teckwood to deliver quality that lasts.

Low maintenance composite decking and composite cladding

No detail went un-noticed when we created our composite cladding, decking or flooring. You can choose from a wide range of styles and colours that never need to be painted, sealed or stained. Leaving you time to enjoy the finished surface and more importantly saving you time and money.

Low Life Cycle Cost composite decking and composite cladding

Traditional timber requires upkeep and regular painting or staining to ensure its durability and to also keep the appearance looking good. With our composite it’s virtually maintenance free, it does not require painting or staining and will not rot like wood.

Our products are designed and produced with only the highest quality in mind and come with up to 15 years of warranty. All of our products are subject to our company’s terms and conditions.