Wood plastic composites versus timber

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Composite wood plastic

Wood Plastic Composite comes in various formsof Cladding, Decking and Flooring and tends to be comprised of a HDPE recycled plastic and FSC® Certified timber compound. Composite Cladding, Decking and Flooring comes in a range of colours to suit all tastes.


Timber is available in softwood and hardwood variants, but softwood from evergreen coniferous trees such as Scandinavian Redwood, Spruce, Cedar and Larch tend to be most popular. The wood is pressure-treated and can be stained to almost any colour the customer desires.



Composite products such as Teckwood’s Cladding, Decking and Flooring boast high levels of durability, having been specially engineered to be European Class B Fire Rated, UV stable, anti-slip resistant, non-rot and mould resistant.

Durable composite

The durability of wooden Cladding, Decking and Flooring varies depending on the type of timber selected, the conditions that it is exposed to and how well it is maintained.



Wood Plastic Composite Cladding, Decking and Flooring materials have a particularly strong appeal to customers with sustainability in mind. All Teckwood’s composite Cladding. Decking and Flooring boards are made from recycled materials and FSC® Certified timber.

Sustainability has been the watchword in the timber industry for decades and softwood products tend to have been harvested from coniferous trees that grow back quickly.


Teckwood’s Wood Plastic Composite Cladding, Decking and Flooring is virtually maintenance free needing just a basic clean with a jet wash or hot water and a soft bristle brush. Teckwood’s Composite products require no treatment and will retain its colour for years.

Treating, sanding and cleaning is part and parcel of timber Cladding, Cladding and Flooring without carrying out these processes the timber can discolour, twist, warp and even rot.

low maintanance

Installation and Life Cycle Costs

Low life cylce

Many Wood Plastic Composite products are fitted using stainless steel fixings and screws that allow for fixings face free installation to the finished surface. These benefits can come at a premium. Wood plastic composite Cladding, Decking or Flooring products can be more expensive than their timber equivalents.

Composite products claim to be less likely to warp, split or rot.

Timber takes pride in its natural authenticity that composite can never quite match. Wood Plastic Composite Cladding, Decking and Flooring products are advancing all the time in their attempts to replicate the look and feel of traditional timber but there is still nothing quite like the look, feel and smell of genuine hardwood or softwood decking.

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