Three reasons to buy composite decking over traditional timber decking

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There is so much said about composite decking that the guys at Teckwood thought that an overview  would be really useful. At the end of the day Teckwood finds that most people make their final decision based on how important it is to them that they choose a product that is completely natural versus a man-made product.

The first thing to point out is that the composite decking available today is significantly better in both looks and durability than the options available only a few years ago.  The other bit of good news is that Teckwood’s composite decking is made of 100% FSC certified wood fibres and recycled plastics that are bound together using a binding agent, making this decking  a really strong, durable and eco friendly option.

Teckwood believes that there are three key reasons to choose composite decking.

  1. It’s pretty much maintenance free.  This is welcome news for anyone who hates the thought of ongoing wood treatments.  Once your decking is in place, apart from a sweep and a hose down from time to time, you can more or less forget about it.
  2. It’s available in a range of contemporary appealing colours. So if you are looking to add a splash of colour to your decking it’s likely that Teckwood have a colour to suit your project
  3. It won’t be slippery under foot thanks to Teckwood’s high anti friction surface. Traditional timber decking  has a tendency to become slippery when wet or when there is a build up of algae and, or fungus on the surface, not so with composite decking.

There’s really no beating Teckwood’s composite decking.

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